Simple LIMS Solutions

Open Source LIMS For Small Laboratories

Open Source LIMS For Small Laboratories

If you own a lab practically buried with paperwork and your current Excel worksheets are just about maxed out. If you have MS Office on your PC, we have the perfect solution: Simple LIMS Software. Our customers come from more than 30 countries worldwide and include university medical labs, government lab, clinical labs, food/beverages testing labs and petroleum/gas labs.

Simple LIMS Software is a simple and affordable Microsoft Access based LIMS software for small laboratories. This simple LIMS software serves in a variety of industries, and it is easy to use, configurable, and providing rapid deployment options to meet the needs of any small laboratory in their daily operations and customer order management. It is an OPEN SOURCE laboratory information management software that allows you to easily organize your order workflows and control your lab documents. Our LIMS solution will help small labs enhance their existing lab operations, track processing data records, and we guarantee you will start seeing the benefits right away.

Serve Market and Industries Areas:

Simple LIMS software is a MS Access based open source LIMS solution for wide range of industry segments:

Simple LIMS Software is your source for...

LIMS SoftwareAffordable LIMS

An affordable LIMS Our LIMS software license is MS Access based real OPEN SOURCE LIMS software license. available for single user license and multi user license, ONE time license, NO annual fee or repeating costs.

LIMS SoftwareOpen source LIMS

MS Access Based Open Source LIMS We will provide all MS Access and VBA source code to customers and empower them to update this LIMS software and make it fits their lab process better.

LIMS SoftwareSimple LIMS

Simple but really works! NO learning time, but amazing results. As long as you can use MS Access, you can use this software. NO installation charge, NO hardware to buy, NO Java code needed, NO engineers to hire.

LIMS SoftwareConfigurable LIMS

Serve in a variety of industries. We understand every lab operates differently and serve different industries area, we built this software as a generic lab testing/managing tools and provide an open source solution to let you define/configuration your lab testing workflows and processing rules by yourself WITHOUT coding/programming.

LIMS SoftwareCloud Accessible

Cloud access LIMS solution for small labs No monthly or other repeating charges, and OS independent. You can access this software from your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime as long as you are under the internet cloud.

LIMS SoftwareMultiusers Accessible

Our Simple LIMS software support multiple-users access/update capability, it can support up to 20 plus users on your lab network without adding any ADDITIONAL database server software or the latest Windows Server software. It will expand with the size of your business and continue to help you throughout your business's growth.

Why Choose SImple LIMS Software

Simple LIMS Software goal is cut down all the sales expense and reserved max features plus cost benefits for our customers. We don't have free trial version, but we believed our open source LIMS solution will provide all the features that small lab's need. Please check all other LIMS solution provider on the market and compare all their features and price before make your decision on our Simple LIMS software solution.